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Listened to this podcast about The Book of Probes; thinking about, as the hosts discuss, Deleuze and McLuhan as philosophers of the background.

A lot of people are like that — not just famous thinkers. Constantly pondering the frame, directing attention to the stage and curtain rather than themselves as…

In its earliest decades x-ray technology seems to have been regarded as a black art. This is the case in The Magic Mountain. Seven years and seven hundred pages that revolve around protagonist Hans Castorp’s frequent but completely unhelpful diagnostic exams at a Swiss sanatorium. His first x-ray is a…

I’ve been writing a short story in my head that takes place in a mostly vacant shopping mall. The kind where theaters show $2 movies. I spent a lot of time in places like that when I was little. For me they symbolize the primary-color consciousness of early childhood. …

If the age of ubiquitous, high-velocity communication hasn’t turned everyone into a philosopher, it’s at least turned us all into theorists — who can resist the urge to connect the dots? But of course it’s an exercise in control. The connective tissue holds nothing together but our own faces.

Laruelle considers philosophy to be essentially a narcissistic enterprise, in that it turns the real world back on itself into the shape of something that can be looked at, reflected upon, absorbed in, and given over to mankind so it can be solicitous toward it.

Alex Galloway, Laruelle: Against the Digital

“Everything living needs an atmosphere around itself, a mysterious orbit; if one takes this shell from it, if one condemns a religion, an art, a genius, to circle as a star without an atmosphere: one should no longer be surprised at the rapid withering, becoming hard and sterile. That’s the way it is with all great things ‘which never succeed without some delusion,’ as Hans Sachs says in the Meistersingers.”

Nietzsche, On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life

Emma Stamm

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